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For context, I have been learning about large language models and have been experimenting with various use cases. Below is the “chat” I had with ChatGPT. I thought I would share in case anyone else might find value in it. Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes and is not advice. I have not validated the data provided by ChatGPT. Always important to do your own research. Enjoy.


Are there any life hacks for quickly deciding what type of food I want to eat for dinner when you really have no preference at all?

Certainly! Indecision about what to eat is a common dilemma. Here are some life hacks to help you quickly decide what to have for dinner:

  1. The Elimination Game: Write down a few options on separate pieces of paper. Randomly eliminate one by one until you’re left with one option.
  2. Cuisine Dice: Buy or make dice that have different cuisines or food types written on each side (e.g., Italian, Chinese, BBQ, Vegetarian). Roll the dice and go with whatever it lands on.
  3. The 5-2-1 Rule: Ask someone to give you five options. Narrow it down to two, and then let them pick the final choice.
  4. Recipe Apps: Use a recipe app or website that has a “random” button. Websites like Allrecipes or apps like Tasty sometimes have this feature.
  5. Pantry Challenge: Try to make a meal using only the ingredients you currently have in your pantry or fridge. This can also help reduce food waste.
  6. Alphabet Game: Pick a letter of the alphabet and think of a food or dish that starts with that letter.
  7. Theme Nights: Assign different themes to different days of the week. For example: Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, World Cuisine Wednesday, etc. This way, the theme can guide your choice.
  8. Leftover Roulette: If you have multiple leftovers in your fridge, close your eyes and pick one.
  9. Ask a Friend or Family Member: Sometimes, just getting an external opinion can help. Text a friend or family member and ask them to choose for you.
  10. Meal Subscription Boxes: If you find yourself often indecisive, consider subscribing to a meal kit service. They’ll send you ingredients and recipes, taking the decision-making out of the equation.
  11. Mood-Based Choices: Think about how you feel. Do you want something comforting? Maybe go for a soup or pasta. Feeling adventurous? Try a new recipe or cuisine you’ve never had before.
  12. Spin a Globe: If you have a globe or world map, spin it or point randomly. Choose a dish from the country you land on.
  13. Weather-Based: Let the weather decide. If it’s cold and rainy, maybe a warm stew or soup. If it’s hot, perhaps a salad or grilled dish.
  14. Nutrition Focus: Think about what you’ve eaten throughout the day. If you’ve had a lot of carbs, maybe opt for a protein-rich dinner. If you’ve missed out on veggies, make a dish centered around them.
  15. Cookbook Random Page: If you have a cookbook, open it to a random page and make whatever is on that page.

Remember, the goal is to make the decision-making process fun and less daunting. Over time, you might find a method that works best for you or even come up with your own unique way to decide.

Wow! I had no idea! very helpful.


[this conversation was minimally edited for clarity]