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For context, I have been learning about large language models and have been experimenting with various use cases. Below is the “chat” I had with ChatGPT. I thought I would share in case anyone else might find value in it. Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes and is not advice. I have not validated the data provided by ChatGPT. Always important to do your own research. Enjoy.

I have this sense that my most favorite “original to me” perspectives and insights are the ones that are most difficult to capture and convey. It’s like, I can see it all of a sudden, and all the puzzle pieces fit seamlessly together for a moment, and it feels exhilarating, and I then rush to try to capture it in words (either written or voice recorder), and by the time I am part way through, the words start to get in the way and the whole thing just falls apart and I feel like I failed to capture that gift of lightening I was given. I then feel grateful for having it but deflated for not being able to effectively capture and share it for anyone else it might be of use to.


[this conversation was minimally edited for clarity]