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Since starting my blog in 2009, I had been writing exclusively on topics relating to “Self” and “Relationships”. Beginning in February 2014, I added two more primary topics: “Your Life’s Work” and “Philanthropy”.

Key concepts explored throughout my posts include: authenticity, presence, compassion, trust, clarity, healing, peace, responsibility, gratitude, integrity, joy, enthusiasm, empowerment, fulfillment, mindfulness, meditation, personal mastery, and more.

This new direction mirrored my own evolution. I am deeply grateful for the support of my readers over the years. For those of you interested in just the highlights of each topic, jump to the “Summary” at the end.

Topic 1: Self     [TOP]

I am so deeply passionate about this topic of “Self”. This is where empowering clarity has to start. Until we are clear within ourselves, all of our relationships will suffer to some degree, and any step we take towards fulfillment will ultimately be unfulfilling.

The posts within the “Self” topic are intended to effectively shed light on common misconceptions, and inspire readers to challenge limiting beliefs while cultivating an experience of empowerment, fulfillment, and personal mastery.

From this authentic platform, we discover that both limitation and liberation are woven throughout every situation. Through conversations and hands-on experiments, we discover that limitations provide us an opportunity to test truths and deepen our sense of empowerment. Fear no longer reigns supreme, a sense of adventure takes over, and enthusiasm fuels our journey.

I have first-hand experience with this, and hope that sharing these insights will benefit people interested in experiencing enduring fulfillment.

When I started this blog in 2009, I didn’t have a plan for what to share or how to share it. All I knew was that I had transcended a tremendous hurdle in my life thanks to the clarification of a simple, though fundamental, misconception.

In many ways, our life’s journey can be likened to climbing a mountain. For four decades, based on the information I picked up in my formative years, I was “climbing a mountain” that I believed held fulfillment. The closer I got to the top, however, the emptier it felt. Outwardly I was succeeding, but inwardly I was failing. To make matters worse, I couldn’t figure out where I went wrong.

In the spring of 2008, a stunning realization revealed the missing link. It turned out I was climbing the wrong mountain! This was not a convenient realization in any way. I had built a life on that mountain that I could not just walk away from. Certain pieces would have to come with me, but it was unclear at the time which pieces that would be.

Mind you, I’ve never imagined myself as a “mountaineer”, and I had always been far more comfortable following others than blazing my own trail. The idea of actually leading an expedition was daunting. To make matters worse, I had no clue where the mountain was that I was supposed to climb.

I was asking my family and my friends to trust me, but in all honesty, I didn’t even trust myself. Instead, I put all of my trust in the inherent process of life which gave rise to the miracle of my even being here.

And so began my journey. A year of “trekking” (so to speak) revealed a wealth of insights, so in May 2009 I started a blog to share what I was learning with others who might benefit from those insights. My intention was to shed light on some common misconceptions in a way that would inspire others to challenge limiting beliefs in their own lives.

There is a point in our lives where we’ve had enough experiences to know that things don’t always go as planned. Even more, we also begin to see that success (however we define it) contains its own set of limitations. We also see how perceived limitations are just that: perceived. When we open to those perceived limitations and understand the lessons they hold for us, we experience a sense of growth and empowerment.

Since chasing liberation and avoiding limitation both serve to limit us, a better option is to explore each moment without bias and discover first-hand that the only true limitation is our idea about the situation. Only in a moment of innocence does truth reveal itself.

When we cease stepping in the direction of perceived fulfillment, we can discover the fulfillment which already the case. Fulfillment does not arise from what we do: it is woven throughout everything we do. When we shift how we do what we do, fulfillment is revealed.

“That’s all well and good,” you might be saying, “but I’ve tried implementing a lot of different advice over the years, and fulfillment continues to elude me. Why would your insights be any different?”

It’s true that there is no shortage of advice on how to achieve fulfillment in your life. Countless experts are all too eager to share the map they have charted to the top of their mountain. What is hard for a weary traveler to realize, though, is that being at the top of the expert’s mountain will never bring them enduring fulfillment.

This is where I differentiate myself. I know that the map to the top of my mountain is not going to help you. What I can do is share what I have learned about climbing mountains. By shedding light on misconceptions, I help you blaze new trails and recognize dead ends before you even set foot on them. Through our conversations and hand-on experiments, you discover all the equipment you need to successfully scale your mountain.

Another thing to consider are the subtle, yet powerful, differences between insight and advice.

Advice builds upon reasoned concepts, and is often ineffective for the recipient at effecting lasting change. Partaking of another’s advice keeps us spinning in the realm of concepts rather than allowing us to slip beneath them.

Insight precedes reasoning, which makes a paradigm shift possible. Insights themselves may not exactly be “new”, but they are original to the person discovering them. Partaking of another’s insights can help us more clearly tap into our own wellspring of insight.

How can you distinguish insight from advice? A telltale sign of insight is that it can seem irrational on the surface. Insight often challenges everything you hold true, and at times even contradicts itself. You must step first, and the understanding will follow.

In summary, the topic of “Self” as described here includes:

    • Clarifying misconceptions
    • Authenticity
    • Peace
    • Insight
    • Empowerment
    • Trusting the process
    • Strength and vulnerability
    • Presence, compassion, and nonjudgment
    • Discovering the source of true fulfillment
    • Reigniting personal mastery

The “Self” topic is the common thread running throughout all the topics I cover. Once we get this one on track, the remaining areas become so much easier. I’m here to help!

Topic 2: Relationships     [TOP]

The topic of “Relationships” is another one I care deeply about. It builds upon the concepts covered within the fundamental “Self” topic. When our inner relationship is healthy, our outer relationships are healthy also. The relationships we have with others show us more deeply to ourselves, reveal any lingering limiting beliefs, and provide valuable opportunities to discover and speak our truth.

In this topic, we take what we learned in “Self” and apply it to the interactions we have with others. Through this process, we learn dynamic lessons in compassion, responsibility, and trust.

Relationships teach us to be fluid and resilient. Through them, we become empowered to make difficult decisions in the face of imperfect information. Often it is the people who challenge us most that we can learn the most from. For this reason, it is essential to remain open when you might otherwise want to shut down. I have considerable expertise in this area, and can support you in mastering this skill.

Since this topic is an extension of “Self”, posts within the topic of “Relationships” are also intended to effectively shed light on common misconceptions, and inspire readers to challenge limiting beliefs while cultivating an experience of empowerment, fulfillment, and personal mastery.

In addition to the concepts covered in “Self”, “Relationships” also covers:

    • Compassion
    • Responsibility
    • Trust in ourselves
    • Gratitude
    • Acceptance
    • Love
    • Integrity

Once we have a solid foothold in our self and in our relationships, we can start our venture into “Your Life’s Work”.

Topic 3: Your Life’s Work     [TOP]

If you are interested in sharing your life’s work but could benefit from some clarity about the process, this topic is intended to shed light on that path.

“Your Life’s Work” is about connecting our empowering insights with people who will benefit from them in a way that will support our lifestyle. Having clarified our relationship with both ourselves and with those around us, we are often inspired to want to share our life lessons with others. We share our discoveries: not to attain fulfillment, but in celebration of fulfillment.

This topic will be a bit more “tactical” than our previous two topics. Among other things, we will explore:

    • Gaining clarity about your life’s work
    • Connecting to an audience
    • Learning about business
    • Designing a website
    • Writing books
    • Hosting workshops
    • Using social media effectively
    • Producing videos & podcasts
    • Packaging your work for sale
    • Joining (or starting) a mastermind group

While I can certainly help you gain clarity about your life’s work, the rest of the list contains elements of business and marketing that I am avidly learning about. I am eager to share what I am discovering about each of these, and I’d love to hear what you may have to add to the conversation. If we encounter an issue together that we are unable to figure out, I have a network of peers that I can tap into for insight.

“Your Life’s Work” is a bold new step in this journey of personal mastery, and lays the foundation for our journey into “Philanthropy”.

Topic 4: Philanthropy     [TOP]

“Philanthropy” brings the circle of our life’s learning to a close in a profound way. Through altruistic activities, we discover and integrate unteachable truths.

“Philanthropy” explores the stage in our journey where our lifestyle is fully supported, and we gratefully share the wealth of our experiences and affluence in a way that dynamically elevates the quality of life in this world.

While we no longer struggle with issues of clarity, we can still benefit from insightful reminders. I am personally committed to supporting inspired projects which shed light, preserve life, and restore hope. “Philanthropy” highlights simple insights for contemplation, and also highlights inspired causes in need of compassionate clarity.

It truly is an epic journey of realization. We begin our journey to personal mastery by tapping into empowering clarity within our Self, we integrate that clarity within our Relationships, we then have the opportunity to inspire others through Our Life’s Work, which further empowers us to Philanthropically share our affluence in profound ways.

Wrapping It Up With A Bow     [TOP]

Original insight into the questions we each face unlocks the pure potential which lays quietly dormant within each of us. We become empowered to challenge limiting beliefs and live deeply. Our experiences come together to form a compelling story of discovery which inspires others to also live deeply.

In “Self”, we tap into a wellspring of original insight and discover the empowering answers we seek. Illusive limitations become a source of insight and inspiration throughout our entire journey.

In “Relationships”, we take what we learned in “Self” and apply it to the interactions we have with the people in our lives. Through this process, we learn dynamic lessons in compassion, responsibility, and trust.

In “Your Life’s Work”, we lead by example. We share our discoveries, not to obtain fulfillment, but in celebration of fulfillment.

In “Philanthropy”, we close the circle by shedding light, preserving life, and restoring hope in whatever way we are most inspired to do so.

This website exists to support your journey to empowering clarity and personal mastery. Please let me know what aspect of your life could benefit from some empowering clarity.


You are the source of the empowering answers you seek.
I can help you access them.