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(week 17 prompt)

Good morning, Friends. As promised, here is your Week 17 journal prompt! Journaling has been a tremendous ally on my healing journey. It provides an opportunity to notice conditioned thought patterns that conflict with deep wisdom and interfere with the ability to move forward in a healthy way. That awareness helps short circuit those patterns, allowing the possibility to choose more responsive, compassionate thoughts.

Today while journaling, see if you become aware of any thought patterns; inquire whether those patterns serve to expand or contract your sense of peace and empowerment; inquire whether that expansion or contraction is an experience you enjoy. That’s it!

For those who are interested, Please share your response on cc_icon“Cathartic Clarity”: the Facebook Community I created that’s dedicated to empowering clarity through journaling. If you have any questions or insights you want to share, I would love to hear from you. Let’s get started! This week’s journal prompt is:
Week 17: “The streaming sun upon my face reminded me . . .”
Email me at care if you would like the weekly journal prompts conveniently emailed to you each Saturday. I look forward to hearing from you!

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