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(week 13 prompt)

Good morning, Friends. As promised, here is your Week 13 journal prompt!

A significant portion of our everyday lives is filled with “second nature” activities: activities that are so engrained in us that they require very little thought or intention to perform them. There are tremendous efficiencies that result from our capacity to perform in this way, yet inherent in these efficiencies are also serious limitations.

As more and more of our activities become second-nature, we experience less and less insight and creativity. Journaling helps to keep our creativity muscle strong. A regular journaling practice connects us to our inner wisdom, and infuses these “second-nature” activities with the fresh insight and creativity we need to take life to the next level!

Today while journaling, try writing more slowly than you normally do; honor each letter of each word as they emerge from the depth of stillness; keep a point of awareness on your breath as you write. That’s it!

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Week 13: “The unyielding stillness taught me . . .”
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