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(week 1 prompt)

Welcome to a year of original insight! I am humbled by your interest in receiving the weekly original journal prompts. Whether you are new to journaling or whether you’ve been journaling for years, each time we put pen to paper and explore our life experiences through journaling, it is always a new adventure!

A few simple pointers to start off our journey through journaling: Write whatever comes to mind even if it seems “off topic”; There are no right or wrong responses; Keep writing for a few minutes or as long as it feels comfortable and useful. That’s it!

Each week I will be journaling along with you, and I will share the prompt, as well as many of my journal responses, on cc_icon“Cathartic Clarity”: the Facebook Community I created that’s dedicated to empowering clarity through journaling. If you have any questions or insights you want to share, I would love to hear from you. Let’s get started! This week’s journal prompt is:
Week 1: “I feel most alive when . . .”
Email me at care if you would like the weekly journal prompts conveniently emailed to you each Saturday. I look forward to hearing from you!

For anyone interested, you can read some of my journal responses by clicking here.