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Searching for empowering answers?

Ready to take life to the next level? Not sure what that next level is? I offer a full menu of services.

Daily Insight
“Daily Insight” is available for anyone who feels they can benefit from it. Sign up for my mailing list and receive my blog’s “daily insight” delivered conveniently to your inbox. FREE

Quick Connect
Drop me an email and introduce yourself: I will personally respond. I’m happy to exchange a few emails, or have a brief introductory phone or video. FREE

Hourly Consultation
Faced with a major life decision? Looking for some expert support on the fly? Book a session with me and I will create a powerful space ripe for original insight. Book me for $425/hr

Crisis Consultation
Reeling in the face of a crisis? Email me with “URGENT” in the subject line, and as soon as I receive it I’ll make time to connect with and support you. I can often respond within 2 hours, though it may take as long as 8 hours. (If it is a life threatening emergency, please dial 911.) Book me for $425/hr

28-Day Life Coaching
“Empowering Clarity. Inspired Action.”

Coaching provides a time apart from our lives to talk about and remember what is most important to us. It is not people who fail, it is processes: coaching can provide you with better processes. In this custom, focused, one-on-one coaching, we will:
• Dive deep and explore your values, strengths, resources, and aspirations
• Clarify a goal that aligns with your values
• Take steps towards getting you unstuck and on track towards that goal
• Experience the welcome relief of both peace and empowerment

What the coaching package includes:
• 1 initial 75 minute scheduled live conversation via phone/video
• 3 additional 60 minute scheduled live conversations via phone/video
• 1 follow up 30 minute scheduled live conversation 2-4 weeks after last call
• Email me questions in between sessions to make the most of our weekly conversations
• Custom insights and tools designed to accelerate your quest

This service is for sincere, motivated individuals who:
• Need expert support clarifying and reaching an important goal
• Have an open mind and willing spirit
• Ready to take steps towards fulfilling and sustainable change
• Committed to experiencing a greater sense of personal mastery

This is a more dynamic service than hourly coaching, as I spend time between conversations feeling into your quest and offering insights or tools designed to accelerate your quest. When you are ready to get started, email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule the start date.

I’m happy to answer questions you might have about this service.

28-Day (4) spots open each month. Based on my current client load, you can expect to begin your custom 28-day life coaching within 2-4 weeks.
Book me for $2,750

Spiritual Mentoring

Aching to experience the fullest possible expression of yourself in this lifetime?

In this custom, focused, one-on-one immersion, we will discover and engage the deeper meaning of your life experiences and unlock original insight. To be of highest service, I am only able to mentor a few select clients at one time. To ensure a high-quality connection necessary for mentoring, we must first determine whether we are a good fit. Through participating in either a 28-Day coaching program or (4) individual hourly sessions, we will come to know whether I am the right mentor for you.

This extended immersion into essential mindfulness begins or deepens the process of aligning with your highest potential, expanding your world view, and empowering you to move forward in your life and business with greater ease and fulfillment.

Until the fundamental building blocks of awareness and acceptance are in place, we will continue to experience frustration, uncertainty, and hardship. Shifting our attention away from conception and onto perception breaks the chain of reactive patterns that are the source of unwarranted suffering, wasted effort, and missed opportunities.

Alignment naturally results in an expanded world view, allowing us to be more creative. Once aligned and expanded, we develop greater focus, resilience, and commitment. From this platform, empowered decisions result in a greater ease and fulfillment.

What the immersion includes:
• Weekly scheduled live mentoring conversations per month via phone/video
• Bi-weekly mindful “cues” that lead to awareness and acceptance (emailed)
• Email me questions in between sessions to make the most of our weekly conversations
• Weekly email on topics relevant to where you are at on your journey from topics such as mindfulness, alignment, creativity, empowerment, fulfillment, responsibility, compassion, surrender, presence, acceptance, authenticity, clarity, healing, meditation, gratitude, peace, insight, humility, trust, integrity, self, relationships, our life’s work, philanthropy, and more.

This immersion is for sincere seekers who are:
• Ready to identify their deeper life lessons and leverage them in powerful ways
• Need support moving past resistance into unfamiliar territory
• Have an open mind and willing spirit
• Eager to finally get all the pieces in place and move forward in all areas of life
• Intrigued about aligning the fullest possible expression of themselves in this lifetime
• High achievers wanting to take their life and business to the next level
• Executives and leaders at the top of their worldly game, but inwardly feel adrift or empty

When you are ready to get started, email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule the start date.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this service.


3 Month. Book me for $2,750/mo
(1) Jan – Mar
(1) Apr – Jun
(2) Jun – Aug
(2) Jul – Sep
(2) Aug – Oct
(2) Sep – Nov
(2) Oct – Dec

6 Month (1 spot open per year). Book me for $1,500/mo
(1) Jan – Jun

9 Month (1 spot open per year). Book me for $1,500/mo
(1) Jan – Jun, Sept – Nov

12 Month (1 spot open per year). Book me for $1,500/mo
(1) 12 full months from date of hire


Questions? Comments? Just want to say ‘hi’?
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