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(“next level” coaching)

Chances are you landed on my website because you are looking for instruction on how to expertly answer essential questions and reignite a sense of personal mastery in your life.  You have proven exhaustively to yourself that employing other people’s “recipes for success” does not work (despite the guarantees and the raving testimonials), yet your own recipes have also failed to pan out.

You no longer trust yourself the way you once did, and perhaps you are unclear about whether lasting fulfillment is even an option for you.  The only thing you are clear about is that you do not want to waste any more time, effort, or money wandering down blind alleys.

Perhaps you are actively taking steps toward a direction that “feels” most authentic, but there is an undermining uncertainty about whether the steps you are taking will actually lead to fulfillment.  This is a difficult predicament because there are so many choices to make, and you have no reliable compass to guide those decisions.

Perhaps you feel you are on the brink of a breakthrough, yet your lack of clarity combined with your abundance of self-doubt precludes you from stepping in any direction.  You are faced with the possibility of resigning to a “life less lived”, yet you are not entirely without hope or you would not be here.

I know all those scenarios all too well.

The weight of this elusive American angst leaves the bulk of our society feeling lost and alone. I have found my own map through the perilous jungle of despair, yet experience informs me that my map will ultimately not be of much use to others.

What I can offer is help dispelling the myths and misconceptions that cloud your vision, creating the possibility for you to find your own map and compass.

For those who feel they have exhausted all viable avenues in search of fulfillment, I personally know the black hole you are in. Having “slingshotted” out the other side, I am in a rare position to offer a perspective that few can, yet I also know it is not a perspective that is easily heard let alone trusted.

I am told that I can be rather blunt at times, and that the things I say can seem overly simplified and without a shred of compassion. I recognize that truth, but I know that it is out of deepest compassion that I feel the occasional need to be so blunt. Coddling often serves to undermine efforts towards personal mastery, whereas drawing cold distinctions can effectively set personal mastery ablaze.

If you do not genuinely want to break free of uncertainty and own your life, then I am the last person you should be spending any time with. While I would deeply value your friendship and support, know that my primary interest in you is in helping reignite your experience of personal mastery IF that is something you are interested in as well.

You are the source of the empowering answers you seek.
I can help you access them.