Paradoxical Uncertainty

While it can be useful to think in terms of dichotomy in our everyday life, at some point we undermine our highest intention by holding too tightly onto one side of an argument. As paradoxical as it seems, relaxing our gaze allows us to see more of a situation, ultimately enabling us to step more skillfully.

The next time you find yourself standing at a fork in the road, use that experience as a cue to relax the need for one path to be more right than the other. When we can see that both paths equally contain challenges as well as triumphs, the emphasis shifts from “which one is best” to “which one feels most in alignment with my highest intention”.

Only when we reach a point of “either” will the most “right” path stand revealed. By not denying the “rightness” of either path, we come to experience the fullest possible expression of ourselves. This experience is the priceless jewel contained within the seeming emptiness of uncertainty.

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