Experimentation Sparks Evolution

The human mind enables us to accomplish incredible things. Yet the mode of thinking that allowed us to get us where we are is the same mode of thinking that then blocks us from getting to the next stage in our evolution.

Evolution is not about getting better at what we do, it’s a leap to an entirely different way of being altogether. To experience a new reality, we must transcend to a new way of thinking. Bring a gentle curiosity to the choices you make, and look for opportunities to choose differently.

Experiment with your life: if you always drive a particular route to the store, try a different route. If you always brush your teeth in a particular fashion, try doing it a different way. Rather than ignoring the task that’s been nagging at you, surrender to it and discover what it has to teach you. If you always use a black pen, switch to blue.

Explore how simple changes affect how you feel. With enough experimentation, what you may notice is that it is not the activity itself that affects you most, but the fact that you are engaging your life with a heightened sense of curiosity.

Our lives are brimming with opportunities to learn something new about ourselves in relation to this life that is living us. Challenge everything. Choose differently and see how you, and the things around you, begin to evolve.

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