EDL Meditation: Authenticity

This insight is part 6 of 7 in the series EDL Meditation

Loving what is in front of us to do is a radical act of self-love, and is one fundamental way to guarantee a genuine, enduring experience of meaningful success. It shifts the focus away from “what” we do and puts the focus squarely on “how” we do what we do.

Our life’s work is not about the activity itself: it is about aligning with what is in front of us to do and celebrating the miracle of sentience and the capacity for reflection. Instead of resisting our life, we align with it and learn from it. When we love what we do, what we do changes. The surface aspects of who we are then also change, allowing our authenticity to stand revealed. In this way, authenticity isn’t something we need to strive for, uphold, or create. It is what’s left after we have shed everything that’s inauthentic.

My challenge for you today: when you become aware of resistance, notice one breath consciously. Notice how resistance sets the stage for a direct experience of authenticity.

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