What Feels Most Right

When we choose an action, we choose the result, even if that result is not one we could have possibly foreseen.

If we don’t consider the possible outcomes of our actions, there is a genuine risk that we will do more harm then good to ourselves as well as to others.

If we don’t take action until after we have fully considered the possible outcomes of our actions, we won’t ever take action because truly we can never fully know. Every thought, every action, changes the course of history in ways we will never know.

We are left with one viable option: choose what feels most right within the context of our limited understanding as viewed through the lens of the intention we hold for our lives. From there, we begin to notice how we feel as the ripples from our actions reveal themselves. Those feelings can then inform our future actions, and align us more fully with the intention we hold for our lives.

One key, then, to integral action is to hold a clear intention for our lives which transcends the substance of our lives. When viewed through this lens, each choice is no longer simply about what we think we want: each choice becomes a beacon of who we are.

In this way, “why” we make the choices we make is more telling of our character than the actual choices themselves. From there, “how” we take responsibility for the ripples of our actions tells the rest of our character’s story. It is either a story of intention or one of chance: a story of mastery or a story of speculation.

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