Epic Journey

When our mind is absorbed entirely in the pursuit of achieving a specific outcome, we can miss a wealth of opportunities. Finding and maintaining just the right amount of tension between achieving a specific goal and allowing for other possibilities is a genuine art. It’s a skill worth cultivating, though, if your ultimate goal is to experience the fullest possible expression of yourself in this lifetime.

So what does it take to strike the perfect balance? It’s not as difficult as one might think. The answer: one conscious breath.

Maintaining a bit of awareness on our breath as we perform the tasks in our day creates an open quality to whatever it is we are doing. We are no longer fully identified with the task, which allows us to experience this moment more fully and respond more skillfully. We are far more apt to notice subtle nuances and epic possibilities than if we are intent on one specific outcome. This extra bit of vision dynamically informs our actions and empowers us to make synergistic course corrections along the way.

Our ultimate destination is not one we can know at the beginning of the journey. Navigation is an iterative process best served by noticing cues along the way and responding accordingly. Each moment then becomes one of authentic discovery. The result? A consistent experience of enduring fulfillment and meaningful success.

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