Be Fulfilled

This insight is part 6 of 10 in the series "Be"

Every situation contains the fullness of life. That means that every situation has good points and bad, joys and heartaches, pleasures and pains. If a driving factor behind your decisions is to escape the heartaches in your everyday life, then you are setting yourself up for a great disappointment. You might succeed at changing your life, but you won’t feel any more fulfilled.

The cause of your angst is not the situation, but your perception of the situation. Having what you want will never bring you enduring fulfillment. Chasing an ideal with the belief that it holds fulfillment is not a viable solution. After all, there is no shortage of stories of unfulfilled millionaires.

Fulfillment is an inner phenomenon. My suggestion: Stand where you are, find the fulfillment that is here, and then step. Fulfillment can be found in any situation when we look for meaning instead of happiness. When we recalibrate our perception to see the abundance of opportunity as opposed to the stranglehold of lack, we can’t help but discover a treasure trove of opportunity.

We now have a wealth of choices and no pressing urgency in which to choose one. When we finally do lock onto one, we make that choice not out of desperation, but out of alignment with the fullest possible expression of ourselves. Fulfillment is built in to the step, without regard to the outcome.

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