Be Curious

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When we encounter something new, our ideals are suspended for a time. Our curiosity is peaked, and we experience a boost of creative energy that helps us learn.

As things become second-nature, we interact with the world through a screen of our ideals and we lose that boost of creative energy.

It is helpful to realize that there are essential life lessons still to learn in the mundane activities of our everyday lives. What’s more, learning those lessons will help us align with the fullest possible expression of ourselves in this moment.

The only thing more important than learning the lessons themselves is learning the art of learning. Enduring fulfillment is in the effort, not in the achievement. When curiosity becomes our default state, we unlock a wellspring of creative energy that will fuel our more creative endeavors.

My suggestion: start with just one mundane, everyday activity such as brushing your teeth. At a point when you become aware of that activity (before, during, or after), discover what lessons it has to teach you. In that space of humble curiosity, of noticing the sacred in the mundane, look for what it is you can learn.

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