The Immediate Path

Wanting, at its essence, contains reaching. It contains an element of innocence regarding the fulfillment inherent in this moment. It symbolizes a judgment, a mindset, a universe, in which “I” and “fulfillment” are separated by an inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unwanted gap. We believe that by closing that gap we will achieve a sense of enduring fulfillment in spite of the fact that we have proven this process false countless times.

We are left with a sense that our process for identifying or attaining fulfillment is flawed, and never begin to question the mechanics of “wanting”.

Is it possible to be in this moment and not want anything to be different than it is? More than that, is it possible to discover the richness of not having what it is we want? Finally, is it possible to see that what we want is not something to be attained but more simply an aspect of ourselves that we’ve not yet explored?

In this experience, we discover our completeness. Life is no longer about wanting, but about being. Wanting still arises, but does so out of a celebration of fulfillment.

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