Be Humble

This insight is part 9 of 10 in the series "Be"

Honoring your present situation is one surefire way to align with the fullest possible expression of yourself in this moment. It seems counterintuitive: “How can I honor where I am when I want so much to be doing other things?” More than that: “If I honor where I am, what will be my motivation to do other things?”

It’s a paradox, and the only way to resolve a paradox is to swallow it whole. It is exactly these types of “ifs and buts” that keep us stuck for so long. What I’m suggesting here is for you to set aside your objections just long enough to discover firsthand if there might be some aspect of the equation that you hadn’t yet considered. I’m asking you to suspend your beliefs in order to discover whether those beliefs are serving you or holding you back.

The deeper reality is that until you have learned to honor where you are, you will remain unfulfilled regardless of what you do. As long as your primary impulse is to reach for the next thing, you will only strengthen that “reaching” impulse and you will continue to miss out on the rich fulfillment that is right in front of you.

My suggestion: start with just one mundane, everyday activity such as washing your hands. At a point when you become aware of that activity (before, during, or after), discover what lessons it has to teach you. In that space of humble receptivity, of honoring the point of even being here to do it, look for what it is you can learn.

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