Feeling Ready Is Optional

From an early age, we are taught that the path to a sustainable income is to learn from experts, employ their practices, and when those experts deem that we are ready, begin offering our services. This process is partly designed to support the needs of society by leveraging our need for sustainable income. It works well in conventional, practical roles such as law, accounting, cashiering, and the like, and those roles are immensely valuable. If this way of serving the world feels most in alignment with the fullest possible expression of yourself, then you are set for life, and this essay will be of no use for you.

Speaking for myself, I had (eventually) found fulfillment in my conventional day job, but I simply didn’t feel fully expressed. That’s when I realized the distinct difference between a job and our life’s work. Our job is what we do to sustain our life. Our life’s work is an extension and expression of who we are.

When it comes to our life’s work, the “path-to-an-income” process that we learned in our formative years can be the very thing that stands in our way of ever experiencing the fullest possible expression of ourselves. There is no graduation or certification for our life’s work. We need to create our own theories and practices.

When it comes to our life’s work, feeling ready is optional.

Doing that ‘thing’ that feels most aligned with the fullest expression of ourselves exposes our soft underbelly to the world. The fear of gaining someone’s trust and then failing them can be paralyzing. Until we can accept that possibility, we will never fully trust our own voice, and we will never experience the fullest possible expression of ourselves.

Start now, before you are ready. Rather than learning a hand-me-down process to funnel people through, allow the people who connect with your offerings to inform the development of a new process.

It’s not that those early adopters are getting a lesser form of your best work, it is that those early adopters are helping to shape your best work. Essentially, you end up crafting your life’s work around the people who are most willing to have an offering crafted specifically for them. It’s win-win.

If you long to experience and express your life’s work, start now. Feeling ready is optional.

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