If Nothing Else

First and foremost, I am a mother. This is the lens through which I filter my most fundamental decisions. How can I best be of service to my girls today? I have learned in these past few years that the manner in which I serve can either empower them or handicap them.

I used to believe that coddling them was the best way to demonstrate love and support. When I took responsibility for my own thoughts, words, feelings, and actions, I understood more about authentic empowerment. This brought with it a new understanding of how to best love and support them. It became obvious to me that by doing less for them, they were able to do more for themselves, and that experience of autonomy is a source of empowerment for them.

In the same way, the answers I have found for my life, many of which I share here, are not intended to undermine your autonomy and instruct you on how to best live your life. By shining a light on what is empowering me this day, I am demonstrating how you can shine a light on what empowers you.

On this day, if I can share nothing else with my girls, with myself, and with you, these are the insights that emerge as a source of empowerment:

    Stand clear. Trust yourself to know what the right thing to do is, even if no one else agrees, even if you can’t give a good explanation why, and even in the face of uncertainty.

    Stay open. Trust yourself to handle what happens as a result of the decisions you make. Things aren’t always going to turn out the way we intend them to. The good news is that they don’t have to. There is more fulfillment in learning new skills than there is in getting what we want. Released from that pressure of needing things to go the way we want, we are more likely to try more things and experience more fulfillment.

    Be humble. This isn’t about yielding to others, it’s about being in a receptive state where learning can occur. It’s about showing up in each moment confident in what you know, but willing to shift that “knowing” to accommodate new learning.

Now I ask you: On this day, if you can share nothing else, what insights emerge and empower you?

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