What’s Your Priority?

Incorporating a new activity into our daily lives presents many challenges. New activities come prepackaged with a host of very cheap and easy excuses to hide behind. Starting a business introduces a variety of new activities all at once, many of which we have no prior experience with. It is no wonder so many new businesses fail.

I have found that every excuse is merely a tactic for avoiding something I was overwhelmed or intimidated by.  Eventually I landed on one idea that was compelling enough to triumph over the tyrannical reign of excuses. That compelling idea became my priority, and excuses which had once seemed so impenetrable evaporated into the thin air from which they arose. I was finally able to create my first product.

On the other side of that experience, the process of creating became much more clear. That clarity paved the way for more products and services as I honed the skill of establishing priorities. Now, it is no longer a question of success, but simply a matter of figuring out the activities that will make up that success, and setting those activities as my priority.  It is now entirely about sincerity: how do I most want to be of service?

When your ideas successfully become your priority, no excuse will stand in the way of your success.

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