The Bliss of Hardship

Be grateful for hardship: it pushes you to dig deeper.  If life were a non-stop bliss picnic, bliss itself would become the hardship from which we sought reprieve.

When we stop trying to escape hardship, when we turn and face it head on and genuinely ask how we can help, only then do we tap into the bliss which precedes and pervades seeming hardships.

Stop angling for the win, and just revel in the fact that you are breathing. Life is a failing proposition when your primary goal is to defy the odds or carve out “me” time.  Those “lucky” few who manage to defy those odds discover the emptiness and hardships contained within that win.

Everything here is set up to crush you. Submitting to this fate allows for the liberating discovery of that inescapable part of you which is uncrushable.  Only then can we begin to explore and experience true bliss.

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