An idealist looks at life through a lens of self: through a lens of hopes, dreams, and skepticism harvested from a field of experiences rooted in his innate disposition.  He sees various configurations of his success and failure, and angles for what he believes are his highest possible opportunities.  The key word there is “possible”: he may in fact see other higher opportunities, but he won’t angle for those he does not believe he can achieve.

A visionary looks at life through the lens of universal patterns: patterns rooted in the beginning of time and revealing themselves in this singular moment.  He fearlessly sees an inevitable outcome, and lives his life in alignment with that insight.  It is not about his hopes and dreams, or the reality he most wants or fears. This stabilizing viewpoint allows him to glide more effortlessly and effectively through his daily life, as he is not bogged down by “what if’s” and “why’s”.

I encourage you to let go of ideals: not forever, just for a moment. Only when you can see the limitations they contain should you pick them up again.  From this vantage point, you no longer have the capacity to blame anyone but yourself for the limitations you perceive.

The alternative is to leave those ideals on the altar of society, and refocus your highly developed lens to find the patterns at work both in the world and in your daily life.  Once discovered, you naturally align with them.  You diverge from society’s vision and blaze your own trail.

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