Pristine Innocence

Only when we sense the inherent perfection of a situation can we effectively bring change.  We no longer try to change a situation for the “good” of the world.  In seeing the beauty and significance of the weed, the ultimate good has already happened.  The thing that needed changing first was our mind.

Disengaging from the battle for justice, we become the innocent field upon which that battle is fought. We draw nutrients from the blood being spilled, and make good use of the decaying bodies buried beneath our surface. 

Having detached from the need to change anything, we are now free to change, or not change, those situations that penetrate our awareness.  And whichever throne we choose to serve, we are not wrong.  Each choice has an inherent perfection in alignment with the whole.  The choice arises from sheer inspiration: not to make right, but to discover.

The result: Pristine innocence steers innate wisdom in response to a greater knowing than our own.

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