Innately Wise

Our body knows exactly what to do after we eat. It doesn’t waffle with indecision about the pros and cons of digesting the food, what is the best way of digesting, or procrastinate digesting because it doesn’t “feel” like doing it now.

Our body responds in concert with a wide spectrum of inner and outer environmental conditions. Our body’s innate wisdom allows it to masterfully adapt and thrive even when toxins are introduced. Because our bodies are unwaveringly surrendered to what is contained in this moment, they can use available resources most efficiently and rise above insurmountable odds.

When we are aligned with the fullest possible expression of ourselves in this moment, our whole lives can be like that.  Each action can be one of perfect precision, and because we have the added bonus of sentience, we can reflect on that dance with amazement and joy.

What would your day be like if you knew exactly what to do in any given situation? How would your life be transformed if there was no question about what step to take next? This is the promise of personal mastery.

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