Leveling Up

Achieving our goals can be a double-edged sword if we head out onto that path equipped with only our ideals.  There is an experience of life awaiting us beyond our ideas of what experiences we want our life to contain.  As long as we are chasing our dreams, we are trampling over the intention that got us to where we are right now.  It’s a losing battle, and we end up exhausting ourselves in the process of fighting ghosts.

When we step from a place of fulfillment, the war ends.

Stepping from a place of fulfillment becomes possible once we have taken responsibility for the decisions we have made to this point. We “own” our choices, and discover how each choice contains within it the fullness of life.  We no longer feel compelled to try and filter out the undesirable aspects of our choices, and instead discover the goodness woven throughout all aspects of our choices.

Stepping from a place of fulfillment means we are not trying to attain something, but are simply open to discovery.  It indicates we are in alignment with the fullest expression of ourselves in this moment. By disengaging from the need to “level up”, leveling up can occur naturally and without stress or crisis.  We let go of what that “upper level” looks like, and are able to experience the fulfillment inherent in every step along our journey.

If you ever reach a point where you feel you’d like some support or companionship on your journey, I do hope you’ll drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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