Stand Clear

Sentience is arguably the crowning jewel of life as we know it. Everything that came before has led step by step into this meta way of experiencing life. Everything that came before has been in preparation and support of sentience.

Can a crowning jewel have a crowning jewel? Is one even necessary?

Rather than holding fulfillment hostage in a misguided quest to make the surface of our life fit some idyllic standard, realize that our very capacity to seek fulfillment is the fulfillment of a process which predates sentience.

Releasing an innocent hostage is far more enriching than devoting our life to standing guard.
Releasing an innocent hostage from a cage without bars frees us to explore and experience ourselves in new ways.
Releasing an innocent hostage reveals our own innocence. We are now free to play once more.

Disengage from the futile quest for fulfillment. Stand clear and fulfilled as you are right now. The radiant sun will penetrate your very core, revealing the rich color that only you can bring to the world.

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