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Trying to gain a genuine sense of empowerment in our lives is a daunting, if not impossible, endeavor. We are pushed and pulled by forces that seem* unsympathetic to the longing within our hearts. When we try to take control of an aspect that we feel is undermining us most, like our health or our career, we often end up falling back into our old habits and berating ourselves for our lack of willpower.

My suggestion: Stop trying to change anything. Surrender to your life just as it is right now. Disengage from the battle. Follow its lead like a dutiful soldier. Not forever, just for a while. Just long enough for you to see how every element of your life is there because of a choice you made.

Aligning with our life reveals the subtle patterns at work within and around us. Because our creative energy is no longer bogged down resisting what pops up in our day, we are free to enjoy its ebbs and flows. An excited curiosity takes root where once there was only malaise. Tiny sparks of inspiration pop and crackle in preparation for the purifying wildfire about to engulf us.

Recognizing that our “burdens” arise from the choices we make empowers us to discover the misconceptions that led us to make those choices. Our choices now arise from a level of cause rather than effect. We are no longer a victim of circumstance, but a creator of worlds. A moment of feeling “put upon” becomes our cue to reconnect to this budding sense of possibilities as we learn the subtle yet powerful art of personal mastery.

Have an inspired day!

[*The seeming insensitivity of the forces around us arises out of utter compassion. The unyielding “finger” ruthlessly pinning us forces us to shed false idealism. Were these forces to align with our ideals, there would be no impetus for us to dig deeper and we would be cheated out of the opportunity to discover our authentic self.]

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