What’s Your Excuse?

An unspeakable crime happens every day that affects almost every single person on this planet.

The primary victim: Ourselves.
The secondary victim: The world around us.
The crime: Misspent creativity.

An excuse for why you can’t be creative is the most devious form of creativity. Do any of these sound familiar:

“I can’t sit down and create right now because…”

1. I’m cold
2. I’m sleepy
3. It’s been such a busy day
4. I have to get to the laundry started
5. I only have half an hour
6. This place is such a mess
7. I just take care of these dishes first
8. I’m too comfortable
9. I’m too uncomfortable
10. I need a dedicated space
11. I have a mountain of work to do
12. I need to organize my sock drawer
13. I just need to sit for a minute
14. My show’s about to start
15. I need some inspiration
16. I have to just look this one thing up before I forget
17. I should just check my email real quick
18. I need more light
19. It’s too bright in here
20. The computer’s fan is too noisy

Creativity can be used on excuses, or creativity can be used on our life’s work: the choice is yours. What form will creativity take for you today?

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