Turning Lead Into Gold

Authentic fulfillment is an inner phenomenon, and is therefore independent of outer circumstances. Trying to achieve fulfillment by making the circumstances of your life fit some ideal is a fool’s errand. You might succeed at changing your life, but you won’t feel any more fulfilled. The mindset that prompted the desire for transformation will be stronger than ever, and over time this mindset will see this newly created life through a lens of growing discontent.

Authentic fulfillment arises in the act of aligning with life’s inherent perfection.

Rather than trying to shift the unwanted aspects of your life, learn to leverage them. Shifting how you engage with those undesired elements will fuel transformation.

Authentic transformation starts, and ends, with awareness. In this way, transformation is not about doing things differently: it is about “showing up” in a different way. Shifting focus away from “what” you do and onto “how” you do what you do is pure alchemy transforming perfect lead into pure gold.

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