All questions are powerful. They have the power to move us forward, and they have the power to keep us stuck. A fundamental step on our journey to personal mastery is learning to trust that we are the source of the answers we seek. Another is learning to ask questions that help us move forward.

Every question has its answer built right in. Truly, they are inextricable. If you are not asking the right question, however, you will be left groping in the dark without an answer.

If you find yourself stuck, ask yourself: Is there a different question I should be asking?

If a question arises without an empowering answer, use that as your cue to drop the question and turn your full attention to whatever is in front of you to do. Do that task openly: fully surrender to it. Doing so creates an opportunity to learn what that activity has to teach you. Each activity then becomes a source of empowerment, and often reveals the question…and the answer…you need to move forward.

You are the source of the empowering answers you seek.

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