Life’s Skill

When we are learning a new skill, we experience a heightened and enjoyable feeling of aliveness.  Our minds believe it is the activity that we are enjoying, but actually it is the feeling of being alive that we enjoy.

This is confirmed when we look at any activity that has become second nature to us.  When we first learned a particular activity, there was a sense of achievement or accomplishment.  An energy flowed through us and we experienced a deep purr of satisfaction coursing through our veins.

Given enough repetition, however, those same activities now are the very ones we dread doing.  We procrastinate them or try to push them off on others, but eventually they fall back to us to make sure they get done and get done “right”.  Where is the joy in those activities now?

I promise you, it is still there.  We need only shift our focus in order to chip off the crust of those activities we so begrudgedly do in our day.  It may seem like you are the same person doing the same activity with the same materials, but I assure you everything about each moment is completely unique and amazing.

Life is in a constant state of flux: physics shows us that.  Life is an ocean of energy, which can neither be created nor destroyed, in ceaseless motion and transition.  When we think we are doing something, truly we are just facilitating the transformation of energy from one form to another.  When we experience the depth of that truth, our focus shifts from what we are doing to how we are doing it.

When we bring fresh and curious eyes to those seemingly life-draining activities, we begin to sense an air of excitement and mystery.  As we spend time allowing our energy to merge with the energy of the task at hand, we begin to feel alive again.  We come away from those tasks renewed and invigorated, and a window of inspiration begins to open.

But don’t make the mistake of believing it is the activity itself that is the source of that feeling: that joy is simply flowing into the world through you because you are no longer identified as a personal self who is “doing”. It is that experience of presence, of “being”, that is the source of this newly discovered dimension of joy and fulfillment.  That experience is available in everything we do.

And when we discover the significance and mystery in those most mundane tasks, our own significance and mystery is revealed.  We are the highest expression of life in form.  We are the vehicle through which life has the most precision and accuracy to effect change.

And when that change comes from a place of abundance rather than a place of lack, from love rather than fear, everything about the world begins to open to new experiences of wonder and possibility.  Here we realize the unique opportunity of learning life’s skill of “being” in each moment.  In doing so we tap into the limitless source of joy and aliveness that fuels authentic creativity.

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