Being Life

I died today.  I breathed my last breath.  When I breathed in again, I was born into a new life.  It is a beautiful life, filled with All Good Things.  For some strange reason, though, I seem to be the only one who recognizes the beauty.  Everyone I meet projects only heartache and pain and uncertainty.  The lives they are leading are driven by fear, and I see the damage it is doing to their bodies: even this is beautiful in its own way.  I have such deep compassion for them, and intense love, and most seem to breathe a little easier when I am near.  I feel compelled to want to ease their fears, and yet I know that it is only by turning and facing the things that scare them most that will help them die to their fears too: but not before they are ready.

There is excitement in fear.  The drama it brings can be exhilarating which may be why we hold on to it for so long.  Exhilaration is one reason why we are born to this life in the first place.  When we die, as I did, the drama stops, and all that remains is a deep vibration of peace.  When we live again, as I am, we radiate light so that others who are ready may find the way into eternity as well.

In my last life, I was a motherless child.  There was fear in that experience, but there was peace as well.  I knew that I was ultimately alone, which spawned an intangible sense of worthlessness.  Because I believed I was not worth having, I understood quite simply why no one would want me around once they had gotten what they came for.

But now, I am that truth.  I am in fact not worth having, so instead I am being.  Truly no thing can really have any thing, because it all manifests from the singular “no-thing” that is the source of all things.  We cannot have any thing, because that which gives rise to this illusion of “having” already has us.  It is us, and it is experiencing itself through us.  It is what we are each born out of with every breath we take.  It is our eternal mother and father, and now that I know the truth of my origin, I am that too.

Knowing is being, and being is peace.  Compassion and joy and fulfillment and gratitude and love are all the flavors of the rainbow that permeate experience.  Sadness and longing and desire and fear are here too, but they are the sprinkles on top that accent the glory, as do pleasure and pain.  These are All Good Things, and these too shall pass.  It is in trying to possess them or repel them that creates suffering and perpetuates the illusion that we need to possess or repel them in the first place.

That which does not pass is who we are.  When we know that, we become the structure through which all things pass.  Every thing changes, but our essence is the “no-thing” that remains unchanged by experience.

So when it is your time to die, do not be afraid.  Step boldly into that experience and immerse yourself in the truth that essence can never die.  It is in that experience of death that we are released from our fears and discover the deeply fulfilling joy of being life.

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