Giving And Receiving

We spend so much time and energy trying to get what we think we need or trying to protect what we think we have.  Because we are coming from a place of lack, we are unable to realize the full depth and significance of what we have to give.  And as long as we are clinging on to what we have, we are unable to really open to the life that is waiting for us outside of that life situation we created.

When we can open to the truth of our active participation in the manifestation of the lives that we struggle to keep and strive to improve including the things that challenge our sense of security, we can begin to experience how much influence we really have to achieve what it is we set out to do.

As long as security is our main focus, we will continue to feel insecure.  That feeling of insecurity is what keeps us from realizing the power we have to manifest whatever it is we desire.  Perhaps the details of our current situation may not be exactly as we had originally planned, but if we pull back and look at the structure, it becomes obvious how instrumental we were in manifesting what we have.

Those parts of our situations that had not worked out as planned are the elements that are reflecting and amplifying the level of fear that went into the making of that reality.  And as long as there is fear, we will continue to manifest aspects of unhappiness in our situations.

Letting go of our fears frees us up to experience the wealth of life that we currently have.  It is in this experience of abundance that we begin to look for and find ways to give.

From the perspective of separateness, we believe that it is another’s willingness to give to us that allows us to receive.  And often when we give of ourselves, if we do not feel our gift was adequately valued, we will not be as inclined to want to give.  In this sense, we are giving in order to receive recognition for our gift.

But when we experience the truth that all is one, we begin to selfishly give to others. In giving to others, we realize that we are really giving to ourselves.  That others are just another aspect of us, and that this illusion of separateness creates the opportunity to deepen our ability to love ourself through being able to give others the security of love that we sought for so long.

Coming at life from a place of abundance, we are now able to experience the joy of manifesting the situations we desire.  Without fear undermining our efforts, we give more than we knew we had to give, and we receive more than we will ever need.

Now when we look at the details of our situations, we discover a deep sense of security.  Having fully participated in the manifestation of the life that had been longing to be lived, we now know that no matter what comes to pass, we have the resources available to rise to the challenge and transform it through our fearless acceptance.

In our recognition of our absolute abundance, we feel inspired to give.  For the first time we are able to realize that the opportunity to give is a gift in and of itself.  From the perspective of wholeness, we realize that it is our willingness to give to others that allows us to receive.

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