No Fillers Added

We can never see the whole picture.  There is always an angle or a piece that we miss.  What we can’t see, our minds fill in for us.  The content of that “filler” is based largely on our perception of ourself in this life.

We hold this perception as an absolute truth, and yet for most of us, the majority of that truth is tucked away in our subconscious.  In this way, we are largely unaware of the real underlying factors that drive our motivations and choices.

The choices we make seem logical and reasonable to us, or perhaps they just feel right, but so often they truly have no foundation in reality.  They are only true for us, and much of the time, it is to our own detriment.

We sabotage ourselves because that most primary subconscious truth that we never even think to challenge is not absolutely true, and our being knows that.  Our being uses and exploits that misconception to its full extent, causing us to suffer.  This suffering is purposeful, and necessary for us to awaken to the absolute truth beyond those illusive ones that only bring us pain.

When we get on the other side of those illusive truths, we are able to see how beautiful and perfect all the trials we faced were for us.  What seemingly felt like a hodge-podge of chaos and unhappiness turned out to be the ultimate recipe for the sweetest ambrosia custom made specifically for us in a way that only we could appreciate it.

In these moments of grace where all is revealed, peace pervades our sense of being, as well as a deep experience of trust.  No longer do we need to guess and second-guess what we should do:  instead we stop, breathe, know, and do.  Without the uncertainty and the drama it brings, we are open to inspirations in celebration of this experience of life.

We are released from the compulsion to fill in the blanks of what we don’t know, and instead we are empowered to accept everything as it is without fear or reserve.  Because we are not driven by our subconscious motivations anymore, our goals and desires now spring forth from pure creative intent.  Living boldly, we inspire others to do the same.

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