Eternal Love

There is no right way or a wrong way to be in this life.  Each interaction we experience (including none) holds a lesson to either learn or miss based on the degree to which we favor learning over mastery.

What is the force it takes to separate right from wrong?  What is the force it takes to separate comfort from discomfort?  What is the force it takes to separate happiness from unhappiness?  What is the force it takes to separate grace from pain?  What is the force it takes to separate healed from hurt?  What is the force it takes to separate peace from dis-ease?

Why do we need to separate them at all?

It is like trying to separate love from love, and the longer we drag it out, the more stress we create.  The truth is, they cannot be separated.  It is possible, however, to simply allow them all to be.  How?  When we have realized the truth that all is love, We experience the deepest level of trust arising from the ocean of pure creative intent and we are empowered to honor the truth rather than shrink from it.

“Your happiness and unhappiness are in fact one.  Only the illusion of time separates them.”  (Eckhart Tolle, “The Power Of Now”)

The mechanics of the human mind give rise to this illusive construct of time, and we experience ourselves as living a linear existence. At various times we feel either pulled towards something or pushed by something, but we are always heading towards the same end result as everyone else: the end of the timeline.

This creates a feeling of urgency that we need to “have” or “do” before that moment comes.  We feel at the mercy of it, that at best we may be able to prolong it, but that there is ultimately no stopping it (without technological intervention).

But by merely shifting our perception of time, we ascend not up, but out of time altogether and we dwell in eternity.  Life is no longer lived from start to finish.  Rather than experiencing ourselves being pulled or pushed along a timeline, we become the structure through which time passes.  We no longer live life, but are lived by it instead.

And whenever we resist the truth, whenever we resist “what is”, we experience time: a separation, between peace and dis-ease.  In that resistance, we are prolonging absolute grace in order to seemingly protect our separate self from seeming pain.  It is in trying to hold back the pain that gives rise to the illusion that, from a limited perspective, it is even there to be experienced. From an eternal perspective, there is only love in this one eternal moment, and each illusive hurt keeps us separate from the absolute healing contained within it.

What is the force it takes to separate birth from death?   The answer is love.  And when we deeply realize that, the two ends that we have been struggling to keep apart all this time collide together with such intensity that we are thrown head over heals into the bliss of eternity where “all is as it should be”, and we no longer feel compelled to separate truth from lies.

The experience of duality is nothing more than an illusion arising from a limited perspective, from a mind born out of wholeness.  We experience this illusion as time, causing us to experience stress.  Stress is the vehicle provided us by creative intent to lead us to awaken from the illusion and experience love.

The force it takes to separate one thing from the next is equal to the force necessary to awaken us from the illusion of time to our eternal nature from which we are never actually separate.  It is the experience necessary to penetrate the deepest desire of the pure force of creative intent to know itself at its deepest level, and what is revealed in that discovery is an endless ocean of love.

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