Welcoming Fear

Fear arises out of a fundamental misconception that we are exclusively separate beings in this world and are in need of protection.  From this limited perspective, we feel dependent upon the things of this world to bring us to an experience of fulfillment.  This misconception has its roots in our first experiences of life when, in fact, we were dependent upon the people and things of the world for our survival.

Things that challenge our sense of security stand out much more strongly as something to be resisted than the things that make us feel secure. By chasing security, we can certainly make a comfortable enough existence for ourselves, but the chances that it will be absolutely fulfilling are slim.  Those who appear to “have it all” often attest to that sense that there is still “something missing”, and often they also turn and face the fear they had been trying to insulate themselves against all that time.

In welcoming fear, we welcome awareness of that feeling of fear.  In that awareness, we experience a sort of liberation: a loosening of those rigid conditioned reactions that we learned along the way that stifles our ability to experience joy.

Most feelings of fear are conditioned behaviors that may have served our needs at one time, but as adults, we no longer require that same protection anymore.  Fear is just love calling us home, and each interaction with life that inspires feelings of fear are nothing more than opportunities to answer that call.  As adults, we are strong enough now to withstand any discomfort that may arise, and in doing so we open to experiencing the love that was concealed within those illusive fears.

In this way, those experiences of “negative” energy are gifts, gems, treasures.  It is not that we need to seek out negativity, we need only become aware of the negativity that arises organically throughout our day.  This is the past conditioning presenting itself now, providing us with an opportunity to break that limiting behavior.  When negative energy is experienced as love, we truly begin to heal. In healing, the light of consciousness can more easily shine through our form and illuminate the path for others to follow.

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