The Final Frontier

When we are lost in identification with form, the things of this world stand out as being absolutely important.  We then lose our happiness in our quest to achieve or acquire those things that we believe hold our ultimate experience of happiness.  Regardless of what we get, it never seems to be quite a deep enough experience for us.

Shifting our attention from the things of this world to the space which contains them puts us one step closer to an experience of authenticity.  When we shift our attention to the space that surrounds the things in this experience of life, including our thoughts, we notice the space inside of us.  Only by shifting our awareness to this still space will we begin to even know it is there. Because there is nothing to grab onto, the mind usually just dismisses emptiness in favor of something more “interesting”.

But in noticing the space, we begin to experience something far more interesting than anything in the world: we begin to notice a feeling of aliveness.  What is that aliveness?  Where does it come from?  What sustains it?  Why is it even important that it be here?

By noticing inner space, there is less and less room for unhappiness.  This experience of aliveness is far more fulfilling than any experience we have gotten from things, and there is an endless supply that is readily available.

No longer looking to the world to provide us with fulfillment, we are free to just enjoy whatever experiences come along.  We no longer derive a sense of identity from those “things”, including our thought, so we are less emotionally affected by whatever it is that is going on.  Even in the most challenging situations, we can still tap into stillness and discover the fulfillment it contains.

When we can deeply experience that abundance, fear falls away.  It is replaced with a deep sense of wholeness and perfection and safeness beyond anything we have ever known. No longer driven by fear, we draw our inspiration from creative intent.  We become a direct portal for unfettered creative intent to express itself through us.

The feeling of joy that we experience in opening and giving so unconditionally nourishes us in a way that cannot be explained.  It heals us, and all our past hurts.  We recognize how those hurts arose from an essential misunderstanding which ultimately led us back to wholeness at a deeper level than we ever could have gotten without them.

Throughout your day, take conscious notice of the space around the things that you see and think.  Notice how that space is holding those things in peaceful nonjudgment.  The space is completely surrendered to its purpose, and because of that, it performs its function flawlessly.  Know that your body is almost one hundred percent space as well, and that that flawless perfection is at work inside of and around you: supporting and sustaining the aliveness that gives rise to the perception of being alive.

And if you can get there often enough, and experience that truth deep enough, you may come to directly experience the ultimate truth:  that not only is that space eternal and infinite, but the aliveness that makes up this experience of “you” is eternal and infinite as well.  To get it, you need only do nothing!

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