What is it that keeps us waking up in the same reality day after day?  And especially when that reality is one that leaves us feeling unsatisfied or stifled or suffocated: why do we continue to subject ourselves to it?  What is truly stopping us from creating that experience of life that we have always dreamed of?

Fear, in some form or another, is a likely culprit.  And fear has so many different faces it is impossible to list them all here.  But when we get to the very root of all fear, what we find is that it is a learned behavior, and a choice we are making to be afraid.  We have been led to believe that fear is real and that fear is scary.  Most of us use it as a guide to avoid certain situations because avoidance gives us an illusion of safety, and an illusion of comfort.

But even beyond that, I would assert that we often choose to be limited by that fear because we are more afraid of a world without limitations.  Our minds run rampant with all sorts of visions of what people would do if they were not subject to a fear of the rules and laws, both expressed and implied, of sharing this world together.

But when we come to realize that we need not fear fear, we also realize that those “Mad Max” scenarios only serve to keep us from, and ultimately guide us to, our liberation from those fears.  And when released, we possess a whole different understanding of what a world without limitations and fear means.  In a very real way, in letting go of fear, we experience a feeling of safeness that far surpasses any we could ever achieve through guarding ourselves from fearful things.

Is it possible that there is an altruistic purpose for fear?  Yes.  Fear is an essential and beautiful attribute of humanity, and our willingness to accept fear at our very core allows us to discover a treasure greater than any we could have ever wished for or dreamed of.

Ask yourself the following question, but instead of looking for an answer in words, open to experiencing the true answer that resides beyond words: What is it that allows the fear to be here to be experienced in the first place?

The answer is not in the stillness that you experienced as you awaited a response, it is the stillness that experienced you.  That stillness has always been here, available to you, holding you in good times and bad without fear or judgment.  That stillness is what allows this experience of life to be unfolding, and it is limitless.  As an expression of that stillness, we are limitless as well.  The only thing that keeps us unaware of that limitlessness is our busy mind chatter and the significance that our minds place on form over stillness.

While at this point in our evolution there are some true limitations to how quickly and easily we can shift our realities, truly we are far less limited than we have come to believe.  We have far more control over our lives than we realize, and when we can wake up to that fact, we tap into the inspiration and empowerment necessary to make any changes that need to be made, or find the fulfillment that was available to us in our current situation all along.

Our life situations then become a choice, and one that we gratefully make over and over.  Because each situation is an active choice, we become a portal for timeless, unfettered creativity to enter this realm of conditioned time.

Deep down we know that any experience in form will ultimately be unsatisfying.  By staying in unsatisfying situations, we are able to tap into the fears that are supporting that dissatisfaction.  It is when we get inside the fear that we find release from all fear, and we are welcomed home into the love that was calling to us this whole time.  It was always available to us, but because it was masked as fear, we resisted it.

Welcome fear.  Allow it to serve you.  Realize its purpose is to lead you home.  Recognize that what were once unwelcomed feelings of fear are now your greatest signposts leading you on the path to your ultimate liberation from that fear entirely.  It is the key to setting your spirit free from the illusive chains that limit your experience of bliss, but you can only open to it when you are ready to be done experiencing limitation.

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