Giving Heals

Growing up, we embody a mindset of wanting. We come to situations and relationships from a place of lack and we scan the scene for what it is we can get from it. If a situation appears not to hold anything for us, we feel unsatisfied or disinterested and we move on to something with seemingly more to offer.

Until we can break free from this mindset of lack and conditioned patterns of wanting, we are destined to remain in situations and relationships that are shallow, unfulfilled, and often troubled. Nothing in the world can truly bring us fulfillment, and yet opportunities for fulfillment are available to us each moment of our day. It is found in the still moment between breath and thought where we have the chance to change our way of interacting with the world.

When we become aware of that moment of stillness, we awaken to the present moment and find it teeming with life. When we retrain our minds to linger there for a while, we become infused with an experience of aliveness. There is an excited curiosity that takes over for a time as we notice things we hadn’t before, and we see other more familiar things as if for the first time.

In this heightened state of consciousness, even the simplest tasks bring us joy. There is a lightness in the realization that each moment only consists of simple things: that it’s only when we get taken over by thoughts that situations become complex. In this way, we tap into a never ending supply of joy, and “wanting” loses its influence over our interactions with life.

From this platform of fulfillment, we now scan scenes to see what we can give rather than get. And the more we give, the more we realize we have to give. In that giving, we experience a far deeper joy than we experienced from getting. As we look around us, we begin to see solutions instead of problems. For the first time we know what it is we have to do beyond any concept of what we might otherwise have chosen to do, and we have the energy and focus to rise to the challenges before us.

We begin to stretch ourselves in ways we never imagined ourselves doing, and loving in a way that we never thought possible. Outwardly the world still appears the same to those around us, but inwardly we have experienced the truth of “the man behind the curtain”. We are no longer fooled by the illusion of problems, and as mind-made distractions fall away, the real issues stand revealed. We bring ourselves to those issues and merge with them, acting upon them from the inside with a love that is beyond comprehension.

In that way, we begin to heal the wounds incurred in the schizophrenic battle of the illusion of a separate-self as we begin to experience ourselves as part of the whole of life. The power and effectiveness of our actions inspire those around us to begin to question all the ways their thoughts have limited their being in this world. We shift from growing up to growing wise. Embodying a mindset of giving from a place of abundance, we experience fulfillment, joy, and healing, as we bring an enthusiastic energy to each situation through a multitude of inspired acts of love.

As you move through your day today, I encourage you to pause and ask: “What is it that I can give in this situation?” There may not always be an apparent answer, but even just the act of asking is one that will lead to an experience of love. It is a question that helps you step out of the stream of thoughts by bringing you into the present moment, and that presence can heal in ways far deeper than the human mind can begin to comprehend.

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