Limitless Joy

There is joy in absolutely everything you do in your day, and if you’re not “in-joy-in” what you are doing, then you are destined to experience only brief moments of limited joy in your life.

Everything you come across in your day can be a source of absolute joy, and all it takes is for you to open yourself up to the possibility and investigate it for yourself.  How?  By “doing” for the sake of doing and not for the sake of what is being done.  If you lose yourself in the moment of what this one crucial moment is offering you, you will come to feel as if you are seeing it for the first time, regardless of how many times you have done it in the past.  Essentially, every moment is a new moment, with new possibilities, but you can only tap into them if you are open to finding them.

Typically, when I would set out to do something, I would have a goal in mind that I wanted to achieve.  Then I would set out trying to find the best way to get there, and sometimes that would be as far as I would get.  Negative self-talk would often creep in and tell me all the reasons I’ll never be able to do it, or that someone else can do it better, and so I’d be dead in the water before I even tried to swim.  But on those occasions where I did persevere, and maybe even make it all the way to the finish line, I’d look around with some sense of satisfaction, but it would never last.  I expected that result to bring me joy, and when I got there, any joy I did find was short lived and I was off looking for something else to bring me joy.

Maybe in the process of meeting that goal I was energized and driven, maybe I got frustrated or lost momentum, but regardless I was not enjoying the process.  How do I know that?  Because I was looking towards the time when I would be done for that moment to bring me joy, and it just can’t.  All I did the whole time I was working towards that goal was practice looking to a future moment to bring me joy, and so that’s what I got better at: looking to a future moment to bring me joy instead of finding the joy that is all around me in this moment.

The only place you can ever find joy is right here, right now, in whatever it is you are doing.  It’s in the process of “doing” where you find joy, not in the end result.  And when you are enjoying what you are doing, the results will take care of themselves.  The outcome can be nothing short of quality, because each moment that went into that result was one of quality.  And when you are done, it’s almost like you just let go completely of the results and just set right out again to find something else to do. You have experienced the truth that the joy of doing is also the joy of being right here, right now, regardless of whatever it is that is contained within this moment.

But don’t take my word for it.  Look around.  See where you’re at with fresh eyes.  Upon discovering just one or two things that you hadn’t noticed, you’ll start to feel an aliveness tingling inside you: that’s joy.  Even if all you are doing is breathing, just notice that breath, and you will find joy.  (I like to feel my hands breathing.  It’s a sensation that I discovered one day a few months ago and I have yet to meet someone who knows what I’m talking about.)

And when you find yourself in that feeling of joy, you realize that all the boredom and frustration and angst that were filling up your thoughts are no where to be found.  Become like an explorer, seeking out joy in everything you do: you may be surprised at all the unlikely places you find it, as well as all the insights and inspirations that arise in its discovery.

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