Unknown Love

So in yesterday’s post, “Love, Love, Love…”, I wrote about a pure, unconditional love that’s always present, but at the same time I pointed out that you must not love yourself if you find yourself wanting others to treat you differently.  So how can both be true?  What is it that is masking that liberating, absolute Love?

It’s going to sound absolutely ridiculous, and you’re not going to believe me.  It is absolutely essential for you to experience the truth of it yourself.  You already know exactly what it is; you’ve just been calling it by another name.  It’s the name you know it by that makes you want to turn away from it.  Let me ask you this…and take your time and really investigate the single, most precise, most honest answer you can…

What is it that you are most afraid of?

In all that you do today, open yourself up wide to that question.  Allow it to penetrate deep.  Feel the absolute truth of the answer.  You will know when you find it, because instead of it being a thought in your head, it will be emanating from somewhere in your body.  When you find it, notice what it feels like.  Where in your body is it stored?  Perhaps it’s a tightness, a constriction, in your shoulders or chest or throat.  Mine is in my gut: a knot right below my rib cage.  Maybe it makes you feel queezy or like you want to cry or flee or fight or die?

Don’t give it a name, don’t tell a story about why it’s there, just feel it there.  Whatever it is, wherever it is, open yourself up to the experience of feeling it.

I will ask again, and then let’s meet back here tomorrow:

What is it you are most afraid of?

(Refer to post “Unknown Love Revealed” for conclusion of this post)

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